The development path of the "14th Five-Year Plan" pharmaceutical industry has been clarified
On December 20th, at the 13th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference "Hot Policies Forum for the Pharmaceutical Industry" jointly organized by the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center and the Central Youth Work Committee of the Workers' Party, relevant personnel from the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the relevant situation of the pharmaceutical industry's "14th Five Year Plan". It is reported that during the 14th Five Year Plan period, China's pharmaceutical industry aims to achieve seven major goals: initially forming an innovation driven development model, quickly solving a batch of bottleneck problems, and some pharmaceutical enterprises entering the forefront of global pharmaceutical enterprises.

Specifically, these seven goals are:

One is the initial formation of an innovation driven development model. The average intensity of research and development investment by pharmaceutical industry listed companies has significantly increased. The number of newly launched innovative drugs and approved innovative drugs in developed countries in Europe and America has increased, relying more on new products and technologies to drive industrial growth. The key tasks are to lay out original innovation, accelerate technological integration, improve innovation systems, create support platforms, and cultivate innovative enterprises.

The second is to further enhance the supply guarantee capacity, strengthen the national basic drug supply guarantee capacity, systematically improve the shortage of clinical medication, significantly increase the variety of rare disease treatment drugs, further improve the national pharmaceutical reserve system, and significantly enhance the emergency research and development and production capacity to respond to major disasters, epidemics or their emergencies. The key tasks are to improve the emergency response mechanism, optimize the emergency review and approval process, strengthen emergency research and development and production capabilities, strengthen the reserve of drugs and medical protection materials, and increase medical facilities for epidemic prevention and treatment.

The third is to enhance the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, further coordinate and promote, make up for shortcomings and forge strengths, and solve a batch of bottleneck problems as soon as possible. We will focus on intensive cultivation in industries with advantages, and form a more innovative, value-added, and safe and reliable industrial chain supply chain. The key task is to design a supply chain strategy and implement precise policies; Maintain the competitive advantage of raw material pharmaceutical products and promote key enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in drug design, production processes, high-end excipients, pharmaceutical equipment, and other aspects; Promote the orderly transfer of industries in China, optimize the layout of regional industrial chains, etc.

Fourthly, the industrial structure has been significantly optimized, and the integration of production capacity has been further accelerated. The proportion of main business income of the top 100 enterprises has significantly increased, and some pharmaceutical enterprises have entered the forefront of global pharmaceutical enterprises. The key tasks are to raise industry entry barriers, promote industry restructuring and integration, guide industrial agglomeration and development, and support the development of productive service industries.

The fifth is to improve the green development level of the raw material pharmaceutical industry, interpret and solve prominent problems that restrict industry development such as hazardous waste treatment and VOCS emissions, improve the green manufacturing level of raw material pharmaceuticals, and further promote the development and application of clean production technologies; The production of raw materials is concentrated towards advantageous enterprises, forming a group of high-level green development parks for raw materials. The key tasks are to adjust industrial structure, optimize industrial layout, accelerate technological innovation and application, and promote green production standards.

The sixth is the continuous improvement of advanced manufacturing level, the increasing application of advanced manufacturing technology in enterprises, the improvement of factory production efficiency and scale level, the improvement of pharmaceutical process continuity, digitization, intelligence and integration level, and the creation of a group of world-class benchmark factories. The key task is to improve the level of informationization and intelligent manufacturing in the entire industry, promote enterprises to implement digital transformation in various links such as research and development design, production and manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, and business management around the two major focuses of "quality and efficiency", improve quality control, enhance production and operation efficiency, and reduce production costs. Improve the level of safety management and promote enterprises to establish a scientific, systematic, proactive, advanced, and comprehensive accident prevention system starting from "intrinsic safety".

The seventh is the further implementation of the internationalization strategy, with the average annual growth rate of pharmaceutical exports maintaining a medium to high speed. The export proportion of pharmaceutical preparations and high-end medical equipment has increased, and the international market sales of innovative drugs have formed a scale. The key task is to strive to increase the number of generic drug registrations in developed countries in Europe and America, improve technological content and added value. Accelerate the promotion of a batch of overseas clinical research projects that have entered the second and third phases, and achieve more breakthroughs in the international registration of domestic innovative drugs as soon as possible.
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